Specialty Programs


Specialty Programs are offered from September through April.  Activities are designed to foster skills for independence, in a fun and safe environment.   These programs are more than one day – some run for 4 weeks, others are for several consecutive days.  New activities are introduced each month.

January’s Specialty Program:  Rec & Roll

This is a 4-session program, held on Wednesdays – January 9, 16, 23, and 30.  Students will start the new year on the right foot by enjoying unique recreation and fitness activities around Salt Lake Valley.  They will increase self-esteem and confidence as the participate in Zumba, Ice Skating, Water activities, and Pickleball at local recreational facilities.  All students will be encouraged to challenge themselves, learn new skills, develop verbal and non-verbal communication skills, and have fun!

Rec & Roll Registration Form

February-March Specialty Program:  Drama – Shrek

Join Camp K for 3 months of preparation, as we transform into ogres when the sun sets!  Each participant gain confidence and have fun as they sing, dance, and memorize their lines.  Professional costumes will be provided by Camp K.  This program will conclude in April, with 2 performances:  a full-length performance for family and friends, and a short performance at Camp K’s Annual Gala.

Registration for all three sessions is expected in order to appear in the final performance.

February Registration – Shrek

March and April registrations coming soon!

Participant Information Sheet