Specialty Programs


Specialty Programs are offered from September through April.  Activities are designed to foster skills for independence, in a fun and safe environment.   These programs are more than one day – some run for 4 weeks, others are for several consecutive days.  New activities are introduced each month.

October 2017 Program

Equestrian Adventure ClubIMG_2396

Saddle up for adventure! In this program, you will increase self-esteem and confidence by working with and riding horses, build social skills, improve your horse leading, riding, and horsemanship skills, make crafts, play other sports, and feed treats to the horses and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Equestrian Adventure Club Registration form




November 2017 Program

Bowling League

Join Camp K and your friends at FatCats in Salt Lake City for great bowling and fun!  This is a 4-week bowling league, where you will learn how to improve strength and endurance, interact with your peers, and have fun as we bowl!  Please note the dates:  We will not be bowling during the week of Thanksgiving.

Bowling League Registration form



The following form must be completed for all new participants, and updated once per year:

Participant Information Sheet