• Q. Why do you call yourselves the Kostopulos Dream Foundation?

    For more than thirty years, our agency was known as Camp Kostopulos.  Because we have expanded into a year-round recreation provider, and we offer more than summer camp, we changed our name to Kostopolus Dream Foundation.  We are keeping the original dream of our founders alive, by making dreams come true for people of all abilities.
  • Q. Are you sponsored by the Greek church?

    No. Dan Kostopulos was a Greek businessman who worked tirelessly to secure the property and start the agency. Our current affiliations include the United Way of the Greater Salt Lake area and Northern Utah United Way, the American Camping Association, and the Variety Club.
  • Q. Does it cost money to attend your programs?

    Yes. Summer Camp has a set fee for each Camp Program.  The fee for Community Based Programs varies, based on the nature of the activity.  Financial aid may be available to those who qualify.
  • Q. How do you ensure that the kids are protected?

    Each of our staff undergoes a criminal background check, and all staff members are fully trained to keep our participants safe.  A staff member is always with our participants.  Most of our staff are studying in a related field, such as therapeutic recreation, special education or social work.  All campers are signed in on arrival, and a note is made if anyone other than the person signing them in will be signing them out.  We have received the “Safety First” award for 4 consecutive years, based on our proven safety record and superior commitment to safety.
  • Q. What other safety methods are in place?

    An emergency action plan is reviewed annually, and staff are trained to put it into action should the need arise.  Staff members complete extensive training on proper procedures, camper care, and operations of programs.  Also, supervisory staff members are trained to provide more advanced levels of care until help arrives.  Arrangements are renewed annually with fire, rescue and the sheriff’s department, informing them of the camp sessions.  All staff members receive First Aid & CPR training, the Utah Food Handler’s permit course, and other certifications as required.  Camp Kostopulos adheres to the established standard of the American Camping Association.
  • Q. During the summer, must my child stay overnight?

    It is not a requirement that campers stay overnight during the summer programs, as some may not be ready for the separation from parents.  In this case, parents may drop the child off in the morning and pick them up at a set time in the evening.  There is no change in the camp fee, but this option may be helpful for some families.  Another option is to register for Day Camp, which has established drop-off/pick-up times each day. 
  • Q. Do you have to be disabled to attend the camp programs?

    Camp Kostopulos’ mission is to provide services to people of all abilities.  We specialize in services for people with disabilities and special needs, but we strive to be inclusive with our programs.  Any child who can benefit and can work within a one to four ratio may attend the programs.  
  • Q. Where does your money come from?

    There is no single source of our funding.  Current sources include the United Way, private and corporate foundations, grants, bequests, and fundraising special events.  Donations of labor and materials help us with camp renovations.   
  • Q. Do you have fundraising events open to the public?

    Yes. Each Spring, we host our “Send A Kid To Camp” Gala, with a dinner and auction.  We have several other events during the year, including the Camp Kostopulos Golf Classic, Family Fun Day, and other events.  Please see Special Events for more information.
  • Q. What do you do when the summer ends?

    We are a year-round recreation provider. When the summer ends, Community-based programs begin. We offer 5-6 activities per week, which focus on assisting participants gain access to community recreation options and increase independence.  Our Equestrian programs also operate year-round.  See Programs for more information.
  • Q. What do you use the camp for in the winter?

    Our Community-based and Equestrian programs run year round.  Camp is open as a private rental facility for groups that can make use of the space. Families, corporations, civic groups, and other non-profit agencies make use of the camp for their own programming and overnight stays when it is not in use by our agency.   See Rentals for more information.
  • Q. What are the employment opportunities at Camp Kostopulos?

    Most of our hiring is for the summer program. Each year we hire for therapeutic recreation interns, camp counselors, cooks, nurses, lifeguards, and maintenance staff.  During the fall, winter and spring, we hire staff for our Community-based programs.  See Employment for more information.
  • Q. What is a challenge ropes course?

    The Kostopulos Dream Foundation offers a Leadership Challenge program that consists of team building activities for many different groups. A facet of this program is the use of our high- and low-ropes courses.  Our challenge ropes course is a structure built of telephone poles, aircraft cable and ropes. There are different elements that participants attempt 50 and 25 feet in the air.  The safety comes from the use of climbing harnesses, ropes and helmets. Our staff members are highly trained in the use of initiatives and ropes courses.  See Challenge Ropes Course for more information.