Team Building Activities

challenge-ropes-courseWe offer a variety of Team Building Activities which help identify strengths and weaknesses of groups, break down barriers between individuals, improve creativity, organization, and problem solving, and improve communication.

The use of Challenge Courses have been around for many years, as either recreation or as an educational tool.  They are typically described in two categories:  Low-Ropes and High-Ropes.  Low-Ropes activities are close to the ground, and can include team initiative activities.  High-Ropes are high above the ground, and consist of activities on platforms, ropes, bridges, zip lines, etc.  The construction of ropes courses use utility poles and trees connected by high strength steel cables and elements made of ropes and wood structures.

Leadership Challenge Program

For our guests interested in Team Development or personal challenges, goals ,and skill development, the challenge course can be very useful and adventuresome. This program focuses on group and personal skill development, targeting elements of:  trust building; team work/team play; communication styles, techniques, and insights; problem solving and group strategy; risk taking; physical movement and challenged growth; respect and appreciation of others and their differences; cooperation

Initiative Activities

With input from an organization’s representatives, our staff designs specific ground-level activities that focus on the team efforts of the group.  Often viewed as games, these activities promote a healthy, fun environment to learn and grow, both as individuals and as a group.  People retain learned behavior longer while having fun. These activities can be done outside as well as indoors.


The Low-Ropes Course is a structure comprised of utility poles, ropes and steel aircraft cables. It is sectioned into different elements that stimulate balance and confidence. The elements are generally from one to three feet off the ground. Safety is incorporated as part of the groups responsibilities, such as “spotting” for their team members as they negotiate through the elements.  Elements carry names such as “Wild Woosey”, “Grape Vine Traverse”, “Tension Traverse”, “Pirates Crossing” and “Horizontal Swinging Log”.  Trained facilitators guide the group through each of the elements, and assist the group with processing the deeper implications of what it means to be supported by the group.


The High-Ropes Course at Camp Kostopulos is exciting.  It’s made of utility poles, rope elements, and steel aircraft cables.  Imagine yourself zipping through the air 30’-45’ off the ground, or traversing across a rope bridge 20’-50’ in the air.  What about on the top of a 25’ utility pole and lunging for a trapeze 8 feet away.  These elements more are exciting and fun for people of all ages and abilities.


Our staff are trained to facilitate participation while on the course.  Safety is attained by using specialized equipment such as rock climbing harnesses, helmets, climbing ropes, and belay devices.  The staff their responsibilities very seriously, and assist the individuals in setting their own goals for achievement.  Preparations include individuals filling out health forms and liability release forms.  This is done to aid the facilitators in the best and safest approach to training.  Because each individual may have differing levels of comfort, each climber determines their own challenge level.  The low- and high-ropes course is built to standards established by the Association of Challenge Course Technology, and is inspected annually by an outside credentialed inspector.


Leadership Challenge, Initiative, and Low Ropes Course:  $45/person up to 3 hours, $75/person 3-6 hours

High Ropes Course:  $60/person up to 3 hours, $100/person 3-6 hours

To schedule your Team Building activity, please contact 801.582.0700 – option 5, or

All people participating in a Team Building Activity at Camp K must fill out and sign the Waiver and Release form:

Waiver and Release Form