Partner Camps

Our mission at Camp Kostopulos is to improve the quality of life for people of all abilities through recreation, education, and growth opportunities. Part of our mission is to provide education about people with disabilities and special needs to the general population.  Our partner camps will do just that.

Kids without disabilities who attend our partner camps will be sharing our facilities with our campers who have cognitive and physical disabilities.  They will learn that people with disabilities are just like them – they just have different challenges and abilities!  Everyone loves to have fun, learn, and play!

We have partnered with many great organizations to provide a 2-in-1 camping experience for kids in elementary school, without special needs. We believe in inclusion, and want all members of the community to have the opportunity to come to Camp K! At our partner camps, the kids spend half their time at the community partner’s facility (art schools, museums, gardens, universities, and more), and half their time at Camp K participating in outdoor learning adventures and nature education.

Registrations are handled by our Partner Agencies.

Required form for all Partner Camp participants:

Waiver and Release Form