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For 50 years, Camp K has fostered an environment of diversity and inclusion for people of all abilities.  Diversity is the mix, inclusion is making mix work well together.  Diversity is any group of people that can be categorized by gender, age, geographical location, sexual orientation, ethnicity, education, etc.  Camp K focuses on a new dimension – ability.  Bringing people together with diverse backgrounds and experiences creates a very unique environment, which is the foundation for innovation, new experiences, and creating a very unique world view.

Inclusion allows a diverse mix to work well together, by empowering, supporting, and respecting people – regardless of where they come from – and giving them the tools they need to be successful.  At Camp K, we have inspired and created tremendous results through diversity and inclusion.  Our next step is to take this model, and success, to the rest of the world.

Our new partnership with Working With Lemons is an example of Camp K’s new strategy and vision to take our values into our community.  We will partner with many talented people and groups within our community, to showcase the impact of diversity and inclusion.  Camp K is grateful and thankful to Working With Lemons for partnering with us, and showcasing our values.  Our students were given a voice, felt empowered, and shared their message with the world.  Powerful projects such as this open hearts, and are examples that others will follow.

There are more than 1 billion people in the world with some form of a disability.  Please help them within your communities – and help Camp K spread a message of love, acceptance, diversity, inclusion, and empowerment around the world.

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