Jungle Book

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The Jungle Book Mashup is an amazing collaboration between Alex Boye’, FreakinRad, and Camp K.   The story behind this video is as amazing as the video itself!  About 2 weeks ago, Camp K’s President and CEO, Mircea Divricean, met with Board Member, Terry Grant.  Together, they discussed possibilities to bring more talent to Camp K, to bring more awareness and promote Camp K.  Terry suggested that Mircea should meet Alex Boye’, and arranged a visit.

As a YouTube artist, Alex was looking for a current, hot topic for a new video.  His wife had suggested “The Jungle Book”, to align with the upcoming movie release, but Alex didn’t think that a week was enough time to make it happen.  That was before meeting Mircea.  When Mircea introduced Alex to Camp K’s mission and vision, who we work with, our commitment to inclusion and diversity, and our desire to be an inspiration to the world, the wheels started turning.  Alex decided that now is time to start creating videos with a purpose, to bring awareness and light to the world.  His feet were going crazy – he shared his idea of filming the “Jungle Book Mashup,” featuring Camp K.  This is when the creative process for the video started between Alex and Mircea.

Crazy idea?  Maybe.  But God and the universe aligned, and 2 days later, filming started.  On Monday, April 11, nearly 100 people arrived at Camp K – including a film crew, people with and without disabilities, face painters, news crew, dancers, and a grizzly bear.  And, despite a forecast of rain, Mother Nature delivered a beautiful, sunny day to film the video.

We are all proud, and humbled, to present this celebration of inclusion, diversity, and empowerment to the world!

Purchase Alex Boye’s Jungle Book Mashup here!  All proceeds benefit Camp K!


Watch the ‘Behind the Scenes’ Video


Photos from the day of filming can be seen by clicking here


This project was successful because of  . . . .

  • Alex Boye’
  • The team at FreakinRad
    • Director – Sam Hudgins
    • Zeb Jackson – Director of Photography
    • Tim Winn – Assistant Director
    • Matt Cutler Production Assistant
    • Patrick Hayes – Key Grip
  • Sharon Neilson and Changing Faces
  • Amazing Camp K students and their families
  • Camp K Staff, interns, and horses
  • Grizzbee (Utah Grizzlies)
  • Dancers from Swingin’ on Main
  • Students from Community School of Sun Valley, Idaho