volunteersVolunteerism and service are at the heart of our agency.  Kostopulos Dream Foundation depends on the support of the community to maintain our high quality facility and current programs.  Our volunteers serve in many ways – from spending time with campers to using their muscles and participating in numerous grounds projects. We could never do it without the help of our volunteers.

Camp K is committed to establishing, maintaining and delivering professional programs designed to enhance the lives of those individuals with physical, social, educational, or psychological challenges, and/or special medical needs.  Camp K provides the highest quality services to the individuals who can benefit from the programs we offer. Our staff members have degrees in areas of Special Education, Recreational Therapy, and Psychology.

Our goal is to help individuals succeed and miracles to happen! We have many individuals of all ages that have “special challenges” ranging from those with physical, intellectual, emotional, and social needs, along with those who have suffered from a trauma or are recovering from injury.  We work with individuals and their families to provide the best services possible.

Volunteering at Camp K is a very rewarding experience.   Our campers love to make new friends, and enjoy seeing familiar faces at each event. Your help is greatly appreciated in enriching the lives of our participants and improving overall quality of life.

  • Volunteer Qualifications

    Comfortable around people with disabilities
    Ability to follow directions from Camp K staff

  • Volunteer Responsibilities

    Responsibilities will vary, depending on the nature of the event you are volunteering for.

    All Volunteers must sign in and out – we track the number of volunteers/hours.

    When working with our participants, your responsibilities are to:

    Ensure the safety of the campers
    Reinforce staff directions
    Be respectful of our campers and staff
    Be constantly alert to the possible need for help
    Assist with activities
    Assist with set-up/clean-up of activities
    Volunteer at least once per month, to stay current with our programs

  • Volunteer Rules

    When working with our participants, please follow these rules:

    Never be alone with participants, stay with the group! Our staff has been trained extensively to work with our population.
    Please allow staff to handle all ADL’s-restroom needs, changing clothes, feeding, and behavior management. If a participant wants or needs help in one of these areas, ask a staff to assist them.
    For the safety and privacy of our participants, please don’t take pictures.
    Food is portioned for our participants; please bring your own food if applicable to the activity.
    Try to encourage high-fives and handshakes rather than hugs. We are trying to foster social skills and personal boundaries.

    Equestrian Center volunteers must follow all rules of the barn, and follow directions from our Equestrian Staff.

  • Volunteer Opportunities

    Summer Camps

    Many opportunities exist to assist with the summer camp program. Camps run Monday through Friday, from 8am-8pm each day. During the week volunteers can help a camper catch a fish, ride a horse, or get harnessed up for the ropes course. Many summer voluneers come once a week for a few hours, while others may come up for thirty hours during one of the camp weeks. Groups of volunteers also have staged carnivals, theme parties, or adventure activites.

    Community-Based Programs

    During the fall, winter, and spring, the Kostopulos Dream Foundation offers 5-6 activities per week. Some examples are horseback riding, swimming, movies, arts and crafts, community dances, sporting events, and more. Volunteers help us with these events by assisting our staff, and accompanying the groups during the activity.

    Facility Maintenance

    Help us to renovate and preserve the facility by working on trails, structures, or grounds. This is a good opportunity for business groups, individuals, or church groups. We can work with groups up to 100 people. Examples of past projects include: construction of an accessible horseback riding dock, renovation of camper cabins, installation of accessible playground, landscaping, sealing concrete, trimming trees, pulling weeds, and many other important tasks. If your group is looking for a project that is different from the rest, give us a call.

    Special Events

    At various times throughout the year, the Kostopulos Dream Foundation has a need for groups of volunteers to assist with one-time projects or special events. These include mass mailings, camp cleanup days, or our annual auction dinner.

  • How to become a Camp K Volunteer

    Please fill out the Volunteer Application, and send to pwilkinson@campk.org.

    All volunteers must attend a Volunteer Orientation.  Please see our Calendar for the next scheduled orientation, or contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Parker Wilkinson, at 801-582-0700, ext. 109 or email: pwilkinson@campk.org

    If you are interested in volunteering for our Equestrian program, you must attend an Equestrian Orientation at our Equestrian Center.  These orientations are held immediately after the Volunteer Orientation.  Please contact Tallis at 801-582-0700 ext. 105 or ext. 110, or equestrianprogram@campk.org for more information.  All equestrian volunteers must also sign a liability release form.

    All volunteers are asked to schedule their volunteer shifts.  Once you have attended an orientation, you will receive a calendar each month, and will be able to sign up for the opportunities you are interested in.

Download Volunteer Application

Download Group Volunteer Application