Mission Possible

Kostopulos Dream Foundation is pleased to announce a new educational program:  Mission Possible.  This program is focused on increasing skills for independence, in a fun environment!  We will help our participants discover their abilities – and help them make independence Possible.

mission possibleEach month, we will offer a new Mission.  Each week, we will host activities to teach new skills using recreation and leisure education.

In January, our Mission is communication, customer service, and social skills.  February’s Mission is to increase attention span, follow prompts and directions, and accomplish tasks.  March’s Mission is Money Management.  April’s Mission is Food Handling.

With this program, we are furthering our mission of improving the quality of life of people with disabilities through education and growth opportunities.  We believe that by focusing on each individual’s abilities, our participants will be able to enjoy full, successful lives, and be active contributors in our community.

At Camp K we are very dedicated to bring the best possible programs to improve the overall success of our community.

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