Gavin’s Story

Gavin has been attending Camp K for a few years. His mom told us that he had attended other camps in the past, but had a difficult time integrating into those environments. In fact, behavior worsened, and he had separation issues when he was dropped off. Understandable, this was difficult for his mom. She continued searching for an environment where Gavin could feel safe and comfortable, and learn the skills he needed.

GavinWhen she found Camp K, she noticed right that we were different. She said, “Every one he meets there genuinely seems to be excited to see him and wants to be with him. He feels so accepted by the staff and other attendees, which is a feeling he does not always get since his Autism causes people to keep their distance. He has also been able to learn necessary skills that increase his independence.”

She continued, “Camp K has been a positive influence on our lives and we are hopeful that everyone will be able to find the same love and acceptance through the many activities Camp K provides.”

We are so glad that Gavin has joined our Camp K Family! Our staff and the other campers are excited to be a part of his group. He always brings a smile to everyone’s face!