Jason’s Story

Our son is a 29 year old with Down Syndrome.  He has been attending Camp K activities for the past ten years.  When he first started attending he would act out inappropriately in public, wander off, use unacceptable language and sometimes have problems with the other campers.  However, over the years, the staff has worked with Jason patiently to teach him appropriate behavior and we have seen a lot of growth through his participation.

!Jason Medrano1Some of the Camp K activity highlights have included Jazz professional basketball games, trips to Disneyland, bowling, snowmobiling, and working with therapy dogs.  Before Camp K, Jason did not have many opportunities to participate in activities with his peers.  He did not have any friends his age.  He is very reluctant to try new activities and so, although other organizations have activities, Camp K is the only one where he feels comfortable in attending.  From doing so, he has developed independence, self confidence, the ability to interact positively in group situations and compromise with others.  The Camp K staff is super attentive to the campers needs and I always feel confident that my son will be well taken care of – even when going on an out-of-state trip for several days.  We feel that Camp K adds a dimension to Jason’s life that would be greatly missed if this program were not available.

On a personal note, these Camp K activities give us, as parents, a much needed respite from caring for our son!
Thanks Camp K!  We love you