Larry H. Miller Charities

campKdonation_02Camp K would like to thank Larry H. Miller Charities for their generous grant of $10,000, for our Summer Camp Scholarships.  This grant helps us achieve our goal of providing our services to all people, regardless of ability level, income, or place of residence.

Because of the generosity of Larry H. Miller Charities, we are able to provide a Scholarship for 20 campers to attend Summer Camp.

During Summer Camp, campers participate in a variety of activities, including riding horses, swimming, fishing, traversing a high/low ropes course, climbing wall, arts and crafts, nature, sports, games, and much more.  We also encourage them to stretch their imaginations, learn practical life skills, maximize their potential for independence, and build healthy bodies, minds, and spirits. The benefits from our programs create a ripple-effect, impacting not only their lives, but the lives of their families, friends, and ultimately our entire community.