WorkFront helped Camp K get ready for the Summer

group photoOn May 29, 2015, 125 employees from Workfront came to Camp K for a Service Day.  We appreciate the dedication and tenacity of these employees, because their project was rescheduled several times due to inclement weather through the spring.  Mike Divricean, of Camp K, worked diligently with Felicia Horch, Project Manager at Workfront, to ensure that this Service Day could be completed.

Luckily, the sun was shining brightly on May 29, and they were able to help us prepare for Family Fun Day, and for the first day of Summer Camp.  These wonderful volunteers helped with spring cleaning of flower beds and trails, painting, cleaning the Equestrian Center, building a stage for upcoming concerts, and many other activities.

Camp K is grateful for all of the contributions that Workfront made to Camp K this year.  In addition to providing service hours, they also donated $5,000 to pay for the supplies needed for this project, including paint, mulch and wood chips, landscaping supplies, etc.

Photos of this service project can be seen here.

Camp K was also mentioned in an article by Reuters.  Click here to read the article.