ACA’s CEO visits Camp K

ACA 2015

Mircea, Tom Holland, Mike

Tom Holland, CEO of the American Camp Association (ACA) visited Camp K in August.  Tom visits camps all over the country, and was particularly impressed by Camp K’s facilities and programs.  He told us that there are very few camps which have facilities similar to ours, and even fewer which serve people with disabilities.

We are pleased to announce that we passed our Accreditation review with flying colors.  During the review process, there are approximately 300 checkpoints which examine our health, safety, and program policies and procedures, and ensure that we are providing the highest possible service to our campers.  The ACA Accreditation process ensures that a camp is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for the campers.  There are only 3 camps in Utah which are Accredited by the ACA – and we are the only accredited camp in Utah which provides services for people with disabilities and special medical needs.  Camp K has been ACA Accredited for more than 20 years, which is a true testament to our commitment and dedication to our campers.

Tom told us that he wants his own kids to be growing during the summer months, and he wants them to be safe.  ACA Accreditation provides the best evidence of a quality camp program.  Camps are not required to be accredited – but those who choose to become accredited want to be “the best of the best”.  Accreditation involves passing nearly 300 measures of safety and camp program quality.  Tom said, “For me as a parent, that’s great evidence of knowing their commitment to my child’s safety.”

While Tom was at Camp K, he had an opportunity to see both the incredible facilities that we have, and watch our dedicated staff as they interacted with campers. He was impressed with the programs offered at Camp K.  Tom described Camp K as the perfect compliment to the education and growth that happens in the school setting.  At Camp K, people with disabilities are supported by positive role models, encouraged to take challenges and achieve – all tied in with fun.  Learning happens while they are having fun.

Before leaving, Tom said, “If you’re a parent, and Camp K is a camp that you’ve chosen, you’ve made a great choice.  This is a wonderful program for your children.”