Camp K’s President and CEO, Mircea Divricean, was interviewed on Temple Hayes’ “The Intentional Spirit” radio show on September 2, 2015


Temple Hayes recording

In this interview, Temple Hayes and Mircea discuss how Camp K contributes to our community of a whole, by intentionally creating a space where people with disabilities are able to grow, and prove to themselves that they “CAN DO” whatever they set their minds to. Camp K provides a safe environment for people to explore creativity, growth, and transformation into their best selves.

Temple Hayes is a powerful, dynamic, and energetic presence – a successful author, life coach, motivational speaker, Unity minister, and practicing Shaman – an intentional spirit! For many years, people have asked her to share her views on how to go beyond seeing life to actually being life – being present, being intentional, being alive. On her show each week, Temple shares tools that support everyone on their journey to becoming an intentional spirit.

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