Camp K interviewed by KSOP – Cross Country – October 2015

Listen to the interview by Dick Jacobson, of KSOP Radio below

Dick Jacobson, of KSOP Radio – Cross Country, interviewed Mircea Divricean, President and CEO of Camp K.
Mircea talked to Dick about the mission and vision of Camp K. For nearly 50 years, the mission of Camp K has stayed the same – to improve lives through education, recreation, and growth opportunities. However, over the years, Camp K’s programs and facilities have grown and expanded.

Mircea continued mentioning that during 2015, many prominent VIP guests, from all over the country, have visited Camp K. They have seen the unique, beautiful setting that is Camp K. Our community is fortunate to have Camp K in their back yard. Camp K is a charity – and our community is the stakeholders. We appreciate the generosity of this community, and how they have embraced Camp K throughout the years.

Mircea told Dick that he can’t praise Camp K’s staff enough for working, dedicating their time, and doing so much for those who need their support. The staff become role models. They work day in and day out to provide amazing opportunities for those people. When you go to Camp K, and want to experience something new as a staff member, it will probably be the hardest job you have ever done. However, it will be the most rewarding experience in your lifetime. Recently, we had one of our previous counselors return for a tour of Camp K. He told how his experiences changed his life – he is now the head coach at Southern Utah University.

Camp K has an exciting opportunity coming up in December – possibly the most exciting thing to happen to Camp K in 50 years.
Performing artist, Scott Helmer, visited Camp K for the first time in 2014. He was deeply touched by the impact that Camp K makes. On December 1, 2015, Scott Helmer and Camp K will break the Guinness World Records title for the most live concerts in 24 hours. The tour will begin in California, and will end in Salt Lake City. The purpose of the tour is to raise awareness for people with disabilities around the world.

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