Volunteer of the Month: Sarah Price

Sarah Price with Fred Tripeny (February)

Sarah, with Fred riding Diego

Sarah Price has been an active volunteer at Camp Kostopulos for more than two years. During this time, Sarah has been a big part of the volunteer team at the Camp K Equestrian Center, where her equestrian experience and compassion for our participants is an invaluable asset.

Although she has assisted with all of the programs and activities at the Equestrian Center, Sarah’s passion involves helping with horse care and maintenance.  Her dedication to the horses at Camp K was evident when she headed up a lengthy rehab for one of our horses, Ranger, under the supervision of barn staff and the vet.  Because of Sarah’s diligence, Ranger thrived during his rehab program, and returned to our program, where he is one of our most valuable lesson horses.

Sarah remains active with the Camp K’s Equestrian Program, helping out 2-3 days a week.

Thank you, Sarah!!!

Sarah Price Certificate