Meet Our Horses: Duke

Duke 2Duke is a 20 year-old Quarter Horse who joined our herd in the spring of 2015.  Before Duke came to Camp K, he was a “husband babysitter” for a horse centered family.  He quickly settled into life at Camp K, and is a favorite of our students who appreciate his quirky demeanor and desire for attention.  Duke can often be found with his head out of his stall door, looking for a student who might have a few treats in their pocket.  He also spends time hanging out with his best bud, Jazz, as the barn’s resident “golden oldies.”

Duke 2016Duke is the favorite for many of our students, but one of his favorites is Charlie Warren.  In their lessons, Charlie and Duke like to work on trotting, steering, and trail rides.  Duke is also frequently used for our on-the-ground therapeutic horsemanship programs with the University of Utah.  Duke’s calm, welcoming demeanor helps to place participants at ease.

DSC_2389aDuke also entertained our guests in 2015 Halloween Fun Show, in his debut as the “Skeleton Horse”.