Star Wars Mini Camp

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Not-so-long-time-ago in at a camp not-so-far away, we had our Star Wars Mini-Camp at Camp Kostopulos. When everyone arrived at camp, they created their own Jedi tunics to prepare themselves for the galactic adventure which lay ahead. The evening was capped off by watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and a special guest appearance by Kids Heroes Foundation which included a Jedi master, a Sith lord, and a Tie-Fighter Pilot!

The next day our Jedi put their force skills to the test by creating their own lightsabers, using green facial masks to turn each other into Yoda, and arranging delicious fruit lightsaber kebabs. Everyone had an out-of-this-world time, and Brent S. said, “This is the best mini-camp yet!”

Thank you to our students, our families for their inspiration and our donors for helping continue the mission at Camp K. Thank you to John Williams and for the music.

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